3 Reasons Managed WordPress Hosting is the Best Choice for Your Business Sites

You can’t really make a successful WordPress website for your business without the help of a reliable WordPress hosting provider. Besides, the ton of stuff you have to do just to keep your online business afloat can be overwhelming. Fortunately, with managed WordPress hosting, you will be able to get rid of all those headaches.

Without further ado, here are the main reasons why you want to go for managed WordPress hosting for your business website:

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1. You Can Take Advantage of Excellent Support

One of the main reasons why you want to go for managed WordPress hosting is because you can gain access to superior support. The support team behind managed WordPress hosting will be the one to deal with any server-level issues that your website might be experiencing. Not to mention, they’ll also be the one to resolve any potential plugin conflict that could affect the performance of your website.

Besides, since managed WordPress hosting focuses on a single CMS (content management system), the support team behind it will be more knowledgeable about its ins and outs. In essence, this means that they can help you with just about any questions or concerns you might have about WordPress.

Think of using a managed WordPress hosting service as having your own in-house IT department, except that you’re outsourcing them so you’re not paying any in-house expenses.

2. You Get Excellent Security

Aside from excellent support, you also get excellent security when working with a powerful hosting provider for your WordPress website. Let’s have a look at this example:

A plugin you’re using announced that it’s experiencing a security leak. This could mean that any private information you have could be potentially leaked to cyberhackers. If you’re using a general hosting service, then your host won’t be able to do anything about it. In fact, it’s highly likely that they don’t even know about it at all!

On the other hand, managed WordPress hosts monitor any security-related news on a regular basis. So if they detect such an issue, then they will deactivate the affected plugin right away (they’ll also contact you about this ASAP).

3. You Can Enjoy Better Site Optimization

Lastly, with managed WordPress hosting, you can get to enjoy even better optimization for your site which, in turn, results in better overall performance. Due to WordPress’ predictable nature, it’s a lot easier to implement a better server-side caching solution. In case you’re wondering, this can help boost the speed of your site.

Since caching happens on a server level, this means that your server won’t need to load WordPress right before it can deliver the cached page. Instead, it can simply bypass the application and deliver the cached page immediately.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

There are plenty of WordPress hosting solutions out there. But, you need to pick the best web host according to your requirements. Here is shortlist of best web hosts that are optimized for WordPress.

01. 10Web

10Web is a well-known managed hosting provider in the industry. Their hosting platform is powered by Google cloud. As it mentioned in the name, they offer crucial 10 elements for businesses. You can check this expert 10Web review by Woblogger.

02. Cloudways

Cloudways is a famous managed cloud hosting provider who offers managed cloud hosting optimized for WordPress. They achieved incredible success within first few years and currently they managed over 250,000 websites.

Cloudways is perfect web hosting provider if you’re looking for hosting multiple web sites in a single server without any hassle. Check out this Cloudways review by Woblogger.

Also, they are perfect for affiliate bloggers who want to increase their affiliate income.


There are several other benefits of managed WP hosting. However, as far as the main reasons why you should go for managed WordPress hosting goes, then the three we’ve mentioned above would be the answer.

Moreover, even though managed WordPress hosting doesn’t come cheap compared to shared hosting, the benefits you can enjoy surely outweigh its initial cost.

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  1. Seem all valid points, very informative, I wonder can you now flip the situation and list reasons why you perhaps would go for shared hosting, I guess cost being one perhaps…

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  3. Good suggestion. I myself use a managed wordpress hosting. I tend to prefer bluehost, as I found it to be the best mix of cost vs benefit. Would love to see a post on the cost-benefit analysis of major hosting services.

  4. I’ve never found that I actually needed managed WordPress hosting myself. Self-hosted has always been fine for me, and I don’t mind doing the updates as needed. But, managed WordPress is a good idea for people who would rather not deal with the little maintenance things that pop up from time to time 🙂

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