Smart Ideas to Increase your Affiliate Income

If you’re an affiliate marketer or a blogger who looking for some smart ideas to increase affiliate income, then look no further. In this post, I’m going to show you how to increase your affiliate income with these smart tips.

5 Smart Ideas to Increase your Affiliate Income

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I’ve found that best affiliates typically use one or more methods below to promote.

Write a review blog post

Publishing a product review is the very first step of promoting an affiliate product. Personal experience and case study results can help your blog post perform even better.

Also, you can include testimonials from expert bloggers. Many new users like to buy products and tools recommended by experts.

Offer a discount

Most of online shoppers including me, are like to use a coupon or promo code, so they can save couple of bucks. That’s why publishing a special discount offer post is essential after publishing a review post. Also, you can include the promo code in your review post.

Video review on Youtube

Video marketing is a crucial factor of promoting your affiliate products. According to Woblogger, video marketing is a perfect way to grow small businesses. You can find plenty of video marketing tips on the Internet. And there lot of free video editing tools. You can shoot videos using your mobile phone. No need of expensive video cameras. Take advantage of them.

Emailing your list

List building is another great way to build a loyal customer base. If all your traffic sources are dry, you can still get website visitors using your email list. A great strategy would be to create a blog post or video review and then email your list to let them know about it.

Create Article Clusters

Creating article clusters is a perfect method to get long-term organic traffic from search engines. You can create article clusters like product tutorials, how tos, smart tips etc.

Final Thoughts on Increasing your affiliate income

I just wanted to share a few strategies that you might consider. Make sure to use at least one of them. You can easily increase your affiliate income.

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11 thoughts on “Smart Ideas to Increase your Affiliate Income”

  1. Agreed with your points in my case 2 things really works a lot. Product review on my blogs which generates me more income and secondly start blasting email with my generated lists sometimes even with discount coupons. Really nice post covers most of the points which is needed for all bloggers.

  2. I am a fellow blogger myself and this helps alot. I really feel like writing a review + creating a YouTube video of the review will help affiliate sales. I never thought of the idea of using both YouTube and your blog to help build each other and affiliate sales.

  3. This is super helpful! I really struggle with affiliate marketing, but I hope to improve it as time goes on. Thanks for the useful information!

  4. Writing content is the best way to increase affiliate income. Make them super informative and introduce the product without affiliate link at the beginning of the post and it shall bring you great results

  5. Great post. I have been considering branching out into YT but I’ve been too nervous! Think it’s time to bite the bullet as I’m really looking to broaden my affiliate strategy.

  6. I used to do extremely well with Amazon Associates affiliate payouts until they lowered their referral rates. It finally got to the point that writing the content wasn’t worth the meager amounts I was making. Some people still do fantastic with it, but I’ve personally shied away from affiliate marketing personally.

  7. I am A currently building a fresh blog and I have been focusing on creating article clusters by writing tutorials around the specific product I am promoting. I never thought they could make passive income as I hope they would help me rank when I write review articles. But that thought has changed now and I look forward to making some affiliate revenue from writing tutorials on my blog. Thank you so much for this post.

  8. Really nice article.
    I have just started blogging.
    My blog is on blogger.
    Can you suggest some really nice product category that is easy to explore for a novice blogger like me?
    Any insight will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Brilliant !!!

    All points taken.

    I was fascinated with affiliate marketing.

    That’s the reason why I created my own blog.

    Apparently, videos are becoming more and more dominant these days.

    Text based article is no longer the norm when it comes to blogging.

    I think there should be a balance between video based and text based review content.

    Thanks for this wonderful article.

    We’ll be waiting for some updates.



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